HSC Notes
Because the HSC is a terrible method of assessment (and the basis of NSW's university admission system), I have decided to release my notes on this website. Feel free to use these as much as you want. If you want to redistribute, please apply for permission - contact methods are on the about me page (I'll likely say yes) yes, but I just like to keep a tab of who is distributing my stuff)

These are provided as is. There will be issues with them (if you'd like me to rectify something, please drop me a line). Please note that these were written with the 2016 HSC in mind and so statistics referencing the present were referencing 2016.
Geography Link
NB: Much of this is specific to my case studies:
  • Ecosystems at Risk: Homebush Bay Intertidal Wetlands & The Great Barrier Reef
  • World and Megacities: For dynamics in a suburb - Urban Renewal in Darlinghurst, for the world city case study - London
  • Economic Activities: Viticulture (with specific reference to Bimbadgen Estate)
  • EconomicsLink
    This is mostly generic stuff, case study was China (also stats and budget for FY2016 - lots of historical data too though)
    My elective was Quanta to Quarks
    4 Unit (Extension 2) MathsLink
    I don't like taking notes for maths so these aren't very comprehensive
    Advanced EnglishLink
    WARNING: English was by far my worst subject (I can't claim to be a huge fan of the material)
  • Mod A: Orwell's 1984 and Lang's Metropolis
  • Mod B: Shakespeare's Hamlet (more like Cramlet)
  • Mod C: People and Landscapes: de Botton's The Art of Travel with Collins St, 5pm and The Drover's Wife