G1 Health - IoT Hospital Systemmore_vert

ENGG1000 project. Connecting a hospital room to the internet.


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For my introductory Engineering course, I (as project manager), led a team of 7 students to design and develop a small scale IoT hospital system

This project required many hours of work beyond scheduled laboratories and enabled all members to learn a great deal about basic electrical engineering, web technologies and Arduino programming.

The back-end was written in Arduino, with REST API endpoints for communication. The front-end web portal was implemented using Ajax and Materialize.css.

Nexmo, Pushover, Pushbullet as well as Browser APIs were used for notifcations.


  • Our project performed the best in the Electrical Engineering stream (Smarter Hosptial) of the course, with judges especially liking the multiple methods of notification
  • Clear Springs Cattle Websitemore_vert

    A website for an Australian Agribusiness


    Clear Springsclose

    A simple website I designed for a cattle company, clearly providing photos as well as information about the brand.


  • The client did not end up using my web design, however I gained strong experience with bootstrap and other front end technologies building it