About Us

Our Vision

Our vision at Clear Springs Station is to manage a farm where our cattle, horses, working dogs, farmyard pets and people all live in harmony in this beautiful, high rainfall, valley situated in the Upper Murray River region of southern New South Wales. Clear Springs has been a working farm since the mid 1800’s and has a long history of breeding cattle. As the current stewards of this land we will continue to breed pure Angus cattle and play an important role in our local community.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to manage the 8,000 acres of natural and improved grasslands in a manner that cares for the soil, the water, the trees and to live alongside the natural wildlife in the valley. We live by the philosophy that if you care for the land, it will, in-turn, care for you. Our Black Angus cattle fit in naturally with this temperate climate and live in a free range environment where they enjoy grazing on lush pastures of nutrient rich phalaris, clover and native grasses

Water is also a feature of the property and great care is always taken to ensure that the needs of the calves, weaners and breeding herd are always met.